3 Dining Tables Perfect for Holiday Gatherings


Image of a modern dining table set for a holiday gathering with table settings, decorated napkins, a bouquet centerpiece in a white ceramic vase, mixed material dining chairs with velvet seats. A Christmas tree lit up in the background.

For many of us, the holidays are just around the bend. You might be setting up plans to host your family and friends and have a nice dinner together. There’s so much to do! Drinks, appetizers, table setting, and of course the main dishes that require tons of prepping.

You might also be looking at your current dining table and feeling like it needs an upgrade for this special occasion. Maybe it’s too small or outdated or it just doesn’t suit you anymore. Don't worry! We’ve got just the list for you. Here are three dining tables we offer here at Only Good Things that are sure to be the perfect place to gather around with friends and family. All these tables are made in our factory in Grand Rapids, Michigan and are made-to-order.


Wood Andrea Dining Table with a white oak finish

1. Andrea

This striking communal table is one of my personal favorites. With a length of 84 inches, this table can seat up to 8 of your closest family and friends comfortably. The craftsmanship on the solid wood is beautiful. Each piece of lumber is chosen specifically for uniformity and strength. This table is heavily geometric with wide planes and sharp angles, making it particularly visually engaging. It looks lovely with so many different chairs, but I particularly like it with the Sigsbee Dining Chairs.

The Andrea table can be made with White Oak or Walnut wood for a more organic feel. It can also come with a black opaque finish, which looks particularly sleek. All of the tabletops are finished with an anti-microbial top coat. Assembly is required, but white glove service is also available. This table will ship in about 2-4 weeks and costs $2,805, unless you choose a black finish which drops the price to $2,678.

White oak finish on a Brady Tabletop. Black powder coated steel legs.

2. Brady

While the Andrea Table was all wood, this table is mixed material, incorporating steel into the legs but keeping that gorgeous wood tabletop. Brady is uniquely carved to seamlessly fit the wood onto the steel base for a streamlined look. Handcrafted details make this simple table a gorgeously engineered piece of furniture. Brady is also capable of seating 8 guests, so for a slightly lower price than Andrea, you don’t have to sacrifice space.

Brady is available in a few different colors and finishes: white gray steel with a white oak tabletop, gloss white steel with an opaque white tabletop, black steel with a white oak tabletop, and an opaque black tabletop with black steel. For the white and black tabletops, the price $1,949. For the gorgeous white oak tabletops, the price is $2,833. All these tabletops have an anti-microbial finish and ship in 2-4 weeks. This table also requires assembly, but we do offer white glove service if you’d rather not put it together yourself.

This table pairs so nicely with the mixed material of the Sherman Dining Chairs if you’re looking for seating as well!


White oak finish Andy table

3. Andy

The Andy Table, designed by Paul James, has the most mid-century modern vibe of our tables. The legs taper as they reach down to the floor, and they splay out slightly for that super classic modern look. If you’re a sucker for anything mid-century modern, this is definitely the table for you. It’s also a solid wood table like the Andrea Table, available in White Oak, Walnut, and that black opaque finish. This is also capable of seating about 8 people at 84 inches in length.

Like the other two tables, the tabletop has an antimicrobial finish. The Walnut and White Oak finishes cost $2,805, while the black finish is $2678. Our solid wood Brooke Chairs or the upholstered Brooke Chairs would be great with this table, but so would Sigsbee chairs, which also have that tapered mid-century modern leg.

We hope you have a happy holiday season with friends and family! If you liked this blog, you might also like this one on  the color forecast for next year, since 2022 is quickly approaching. We hope Only Good Things are headed your way!