Five Perfect Seating Options for a Stunning Kitchen

When it comes to your kitchen, picking just the right chair or counter stool can make or break a space. You want a seat that you can spend time in, chat with friends in, or plan your day in. It must be comfortable, durable, and stylish. We’ve pulled together a list of chairs and stools that will check all the boxes. You just have to decide which fits your personal style! So, let’s talk seating.

  1. Sigsbee

The Sigsbee chair or stool is sophisticated. The solid wood frame feels homey, but if you add the upholstery and the straps that hold the back cushion to the chair, you get a contemporary edge. Sleek and featuring pill shaped legs inspired by mid century modern furniture pieces, this chair is the center of attention at any kitchen counter or table. It comes in both chair and counter heights, so whether you have an island or a kitchen table, it can fit your needs.

It’s also delightfully comfortable and is sure to hold up to the kitchen traffic. All the furniture on this list is commercial grade, so no matter how chaotic your space gets, it can handle it while still looking gorgeous.

Sigsbee is available in black or honey finishes. It can be fully upholstered with the seat and back, which features those stylish straps, or you can upholster just the seat. You can also purchase the Sigsbee without any upholstery at all for a simple solid wood look. The choice is yours!

  1. Sir Burly

If you’re looking for something playful and different, Sir Burly by Australian design duo Dowel Jones might be the perfect kitchen stool for you. Sir Burly’s look could be described as “neotenic design” which involves exaggerated and soft features. The steel tubes of Sir Burly are wide and blown up to sizes that aren’t found in our other furniture. There are no hard edges or corners from the circular seat to the long feet at the base. It also has a super convenient footrest.

This stool comes at counter and bar height.  The powder coated steel frame can be ordered in either black or white. The seat comes in white oak or black finishes. This stool will seriously look so fun in your space. It’s modern and doesn’t look like other stools out on the market. If you’re someone who loves to stand out, go with this one!

  1. Brooke

When I think of the Brooke chair or stool, I think of warmth. If Sir Burly was a little too out there for you, this simple but beautifully crafted seat is a great choice. Particularly in the natural wood, this chair brings the perfect tones for an organic feel. It pairs super nicely with many of the color predictions of 2022, which look like they would be at home in a foggy meadow. With rounded corners and classic slats made of solid beech, Brooke will get lots of compliments from your guests.

Brooke comes in chair, counter, and bar height. The finish can be either natural or black. You can also get the seat upholstered in leather or wool and flax fabrics. The leather comes in green or tan, while the soft wool and flax fabric is in a cream shade.

  1. Sherman

The Sherman chair takes the simplicity and warmth of Brooke’s back and seat but places them on an expertly crafted steel frame. This design only comes in chair height, so it’s best for a kitchen or dining room table. This chair leans into industrial style without losing its comfort or looking out of place in more classic or modern spaces.

You can also get this chair upholstered. If you choose upholstery, there are some really fun check patterns that give it that extra bit of personality. Or if you like the plush feel of velvet, you can get velvet seats in mint, rust, blue or black.

  1. Hurdle

While Sherman is only available at chair height, the Hurdle Stool, like Sir Burly is only available at counter or bar heights. If you’re looking for something minimal and modern with a little bit of the playfulness of Sir Burly, the Hurdle Stool which is also by Dowel Jones is a great pick. It’s simple but stunning metal frame and white oak seat will look fabulous in just about any kitchen. Another bonus is that this barstool was recently recognized for Treehugger’s Best of Green Decor 2021 for its durability and sustainability.

The steel frame of the Hurdle Stool can be powder coated in white or black. If you prefer a back to the stool, you might also like the Half Hurdle, which provides an extra bit of steel that wraps around the back and sides.

We know one of these seating options is sure to look amazing in your kitchen, but there are a few others on our website you should totally check out. If you’re interested our made-to-order process, our last blog, which you can read here, has all the information you need on what happens on our end once you click purchase.