SHOP THIS LOOK: Da Gama Canteen in Houston, TX

Welcome to a new series on the Only Good Things blog where we show you some of our fabulous seating options in the trendiest of restaurants to give you a little interior design inspo. Our commercial grade furniture can be found all over the country in restaurants, hotels, offices, homes, and more. You can bring the look of your favorite eatery home with you via our shop! We’ll tell you about the products restaurants have chosen for their spaces and give you a few useful little design details that you can swipe for your own home.

Today we’re bringing you a super cute spot located in Houston, Texas. Da Gama Canteen, named after the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, serves dishes that blend Indian and Portuguese cuisine in a beautiful space that overlooks a park and bike trail. Designed by the talented people at the Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, the restaurant’s interior blends cultures and influences to create a contemporary space that is so Instagram worthy. Using amazing pops of color and custom graphics, da Gama is a must visit if you’re in the Houston area.

Married couple Shiva and Rick Di Virgilio of Rishi Hospitality supplied personal objects to really highlight their story, like pieces of artwork and sculpture. A vintage door made of carved wood was brought in all the way from India, and the yellow oculus on the ceiling was inspired by European museums. There’s so much personality and history in every corner of this design.

They also worked with a graphic designer to create murals that can be seen by the booths in those gorgeous archways and on the exterior of the restaurant. The murals feature spices like figs, coriander, and star anise. The spice motif carries through to the color palette of da Gama. Warm natural woods, botanical greens, and bold yellows can be found from the floor to the ceiling.

You can bring home the Sherman chairs and Outdoor Hula Chairs that can be found in this space. If you’re looking for that earthy vibe that da Gama Canteen has absolutely perfected, the Sherman in Black and Rust Velvet or in Black and Mint Velvet would definitely fit the look. The Hula chairs can be purchased in the same exact gorgeous honey yellow for your own patio, balcony, or porch.

To compliment the look, look for warm earthy textures. Natural stone and wood would look amazing with these colors. Include your own personal touches that remind you of your roots. What spices and plants have been meaningful to you over the years? Maybe you can make your own mural, or if you’re not that artsy, find some cute decals to fill a space on your wall. Lush green plants are also a must. If you don’t have a green thumb (don’t worry me neither), you can find some really great fake fronds online that will look just as good.

Want to learn more about what it means for furniture to be commercial grade? We have a blog post breaking that down for you here!

Photography by Chase Daniel