The Benefits of Made-to-Order Furniture

We live in a world where with the click of a button, we can have an item shipped to us immediately. The item sits waiting in a pile of other items just like it, and the business that produces the items has to hope that each and every one will be purchased. If they aren’t, those items might be tossed into the trash. While this may be convenient for the consumer, this model of consumption leaves tons of waste behind.

Here at Only Good Things, we don’t have a warehouse of chairs, tables, and accessories waiting for you to click purchase. We do things a little differently, and in doing so, majorly cut down on our waste.  Our products are made-to-order! When you invest in made-to-order products from Only Good Things, you get a piece of furniture that was crafted just for you! We never have a surplus of furniture lying around, because each piece we make already has a destination.

When you look at our website, we list something called a lead time. This is not the amount of time the item will take to ship all around the world to make it to your doorstep. This is the amount of time it takes for an order to go through our system and our manufacturing facility before it’s sent directly to you.

Here’s what happens in those few short weeks between clicking the purchase button and the product making it to your home. Once you submit your order, our teams get to work right away. After it's entered into our system the manufacturing team is notified and the process truly begins. Steel that we’ve ordered from mills in the USA is skillfully bent by our welders into your fabulous chairs, tables, or stools. Wood harvested from North American trees is glued together by our woodworking crew into a beautiful table or seat and then sanded and finished to perfection. Our incredible upholsterers stitch together any upholstery your order might require last. Then, finally, the product is off to assembly before it’s packaged and ready to travel to your kitchen or dining room.

The manufacturing facility is attached to our offices, so we all work closely together. I’ve personally helped assemble and package orders out on the floor, and I can tell you from firsthand experience that the care that goes into these products is astronomical. When you buy from Only Good Things, you’re buying something that went through our facility just for you. It may take just a tiny bit longer than our fast-paced world has become accustomed to, but it is 100% worth it for the quality and care our team puts into the order and for the reduced waste that comes with made-to-order furniture. Plus, for made-to-order furniture, we’re some of the fastest in the business, because almost everything happens in one facility.

If you’re someone who is environmentally conscious, wants a product made right here in the USA, and are willing to wait just a small amount of time longer for something crafted just for you, Only Good Things is the perfect place to buy your furniture. You’ll feel the difference in quality and craftsmanship, while investing in a smarter way to furnish your home.