Classic Setting, Modern Furniture: A Match Made in Heaven

So maybe you moved into a house with a bit of a traditional look to the kitchen. It’s got those classic plain white shaker cabinets and neutral tiles. However, you’re a 2021 person in a 2021 world and you’re dying to give this place a little makeover. It’s just not catching all of your sparkling personality yet.

Renovating the whole space might be a little out of reach budget and time wise, so let me give you the scoop on how to bring this space into the moment: MODERN FURNITURE.

Three white steel half hurdle bar stools at a white kitchen island that has a sink and potted plants on it. Stove and cabinets in the background with white tile backsplash. Brass details throughout.

Modernism is an older movement. Sounds counter intuitive, I know, but the design world is quirky like that. Modernism was born when furniture was first being mass produced. It features experimentation with fun shapes but keeps clean lines. If we combine this 20th century style with classic kitchen features, we create something quite contemporary.

What? Can you do that? Will that look good? Yeah! It totally will. Classic kitchen styles are super versatile. The potential for mix and matching designs is endless.

The fun thing about putting contrasting elements beside one another is how much they make each other pop. The homey elements of classic cabinetry beside the clean lines of modern steel seating can actually make both elements all the more interesting. The eye is drawn to contrast. Too much can be jarring, but just enough is deeply intriguing.

Two modern sir burly stools with chunky white steel legs and circular natural wood seats at a blue painted island. blue shaker cabinets and white subway tile backsplash in the background

Check out the classic elements in this pic. We have a subway tile backsplash, shaker cabinets, painted wood panels beneath the bar, and these super funky chunky legged barstools. They jump out at you in the best way. Rather than feeling out of place, they’re highlighted against the neutral backdrop of the classic kitchen.

Similarly, they leap out of super organic feeling spaces with their clean lines and simple textures. While the classic kitchen offers a natural warmth, the modern furniture focuses on function and form. Together, they veer into contemporary vibes.

Black sherman chairs at a light wooden table under a brass chandelier partially in frame.

When it comes to your kitchen, don’t be afraid to mix and match. The variation is going to bring fresh energy into the space. You’re going to be taking Instagram worthy kitchen pics in no time.

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