5 Beautiful Spaces from Instagram Accounts We Love Following

Today, we're featuring some Instagram accounts we are totally in love with. These wonderful people post gorgeous photos, and many of them offer some great home renovation and decorating tips. We love following accounts that share their stunning home spaces, especially when they feature our chairs and tables! Here are just a few of the beautiful kitchens and dining rooms that people we follow have shared to Instagram.

1. This warm toned kitchen from Lindsy Tipa (@lindsytipa)

Lindsy runs an Instagram account full of pictures of her beautiful family and stunning home. We love seeing what she's up to in Utah! This kitchen the perfect place to hang out with a growing family, even if some of the kids might need a little help reaching the counter!

Wood and organic details are the perfect way to bring added warmth into a white kitchen. The cutting boards in rectangular and round shapes are a functional piece of décor as they lean against the backsplash. Open shelving is a great opportunity to turn every day objects into decorative details. We're also in love with the way the black steel frame on the Half Hurdle counter stools brings a little contrast against the light wood of the kitchen island. 


2. This sparkling island from Alli Devlin (@the.hoss.homestead)

 Alli Devlin's bio describes her Instagram as contemporary mid century modern with a colorful streak. We're in love with the home styling content she posts. With updates about gorgeous new wood paneled garage doors to bathroom color palette inspo, you're sure to get some great tips from this account. Plus, that riverside forest backyard scenery is MAGICAL.

We love what Alli's done with this kitchen island, featuring our Brooke stools. The ceramic vases, including the ever so stylish loop vase, with those beautiful pink grasses are such a lovely touch. We also love the open storage on the island. Sleek and modern, this kitchen is a ten out of ten!


3. A dining room full of natural light from Kristin Grove (@simplygrove)

 Designer Kirsten Grove is expertly renovating a 1947 clinker brick in Cape Cod over on her Instagram. If you've ever done renovations, you know it is a process that requires patience and flexibility. They are taking the challenges as they come with a lot of love for this gorgeous home. You're going to want to see the progress if you aren't already following this account! 

This picture comes from her rental space while those renovations are happening and we have to say, for a temporary home, this is gorgeous! From the decor curation on that shelf to the beautifully intricate rug underneath that stunning Andrea Dining Table, we think she's done an amazing job making this transitional space feel like home. We are so excited to see how the house comes along as renovations continue. Go follow for updates!


4. A beautiful kitchen island from Ashley Kim (@ashleytkim)

 This Arizona based photographer is always posting the most gorgeous images. Expect stunning landscapes, magical wedding photos, and super cute pics of her daughter. This family is adventurous, artistic, and outdoorsy. The style and joy of this Instagram account is more than enough reason to go check it out. Of course, her house is stunning!

Here's a little glimpse of her super cute kitchen. We love the warm tones, the clean white walls, and the sharp black details. The sparkling tile backsplash is so classy (and of course those upholstered Brooke stools look great!). 

If you're into photography, travel, and family, you should definitely go check out Ashley at @ashleytkim.

5. This subway tiled kitchen from the Brownstone Boys (@brownstoneboys)

With a name that sounds like a musical duo, these two guys are absolutely killing it at renovations in Brooklyn, New York. Jordan and Barry's Instagram is serving up home renovation tips, DIY projects, and tons of design inspiration. And the occasional cute dog post! We love the stories they tell in their captions, like the renovation they did for two sisters who had grown up in a house very much in need of some TLC. They made the lower two floors into a duplex and reconfigured a whole staircase! 

We love this kitchen that features our Half Hurdle Stools. From that gorgeous brassy faucet to those super fun angled subway tiles on the backsplash, this is a kitchen we'd love to use! The attention to detail, the combination of open shelves and cabinets, and the sparkling island countertop all make this space beautiful. They've done so many renovations you're sure to find a space that fits your style. Go see for yourself!

We're so grateful to these accounts for supporting our little store and we always love the updates from these talented and fun folks. If you like looking at kitchen and dining room interiors, this round up of spaces might be up your alley!